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Keepsake and Memorial jewellery

As with all jewellery the pieces that you buy from us need to be taken care of and treated with respect if you would like them to last. This is especially important with a keepsake and memorial jewellery piece which hold huge sentimental value.

WHAT IS TARNISH - simply put this is a discolouration of silver due to a chemical reaction. This reaction is caused by elements added to silver which react with the air. Tarnishing happens more quickly in humid places and places with high air pollution.


All silver jewellery can and will tarnish with time. This is not a fault or a flaw with this piece but simply a fact. There are certain things that we would recommend you do and don't do to reduce the risk of tarnishing and to look after your silver piece. all orders made from us will arrive with one small polsihing/cleaning cloth.

  • keep your piece dry at all times - do not wear it whilst swimming (especially with chlorinated water as chemicals can affect the silver and turn it black). Remove when showering or bathing and also when doing the washing up with rings. It is also worth removing jewellery whilst exercising not only from the safety aspect but also to avoid the piece coming into contact with excess body sweat.

  • Do not expose your piece to chemicals - this includes perfumes hand creams, hair spray and fake tan.

  • It is possible to clean your silver jewellery with an anti-tarnish cloth or silver cleaning fluid. We recommend that you do this often.

  • Store your jewellery correctly. It is important to store your silver jewellery items in dry dark places. anti-tarnish strips are also a good idea and can be purchased cheaply. Do not store with other metals including base metals.


The best way to keep your piece clean is to simply wash it with warm soapy water. If your piece has engraved details and a soft baby toothbrush can be used to clean the details. Be careful not to brush too hard and always do this with soapy water not dry. Always dry your piece once you have finished cleaning it. There are plenty of product that you can purchase cheaply t help remove tarnish and to keep your pieces clean if you prefer. If you have a problem with tarnish or cleaning the piece that you purchased from us please get in touch so that we can best advise.


OUR keepsake and memorial element pieces are pieces that contain locks of hair or cremation ashes. In order to make these pieces, we encapsulate the elements that you provide us with inside resin. Resin is basically a plastic and although in general is pretty hard wearing it should still be treated with extra care especially as these pieces are so sentimental.

As you would expect with any product made from resin it can be damaged by knocks scrapes and direct pressure. We will provide a small polish cloth with our resin pieces that can be used if your resin piece seems to lose some of its shine. please do not use silver polish clothes on the resin.

Resin is not waterproof and so should never be worn in water or exposed to unnecessary water. please remove whilst swimming, showering/bathing and in the case of rings and bracelet charms whilst doing the washing up. As with silver jewellery exposing the resin to chemicals such as potions, lotions and perfumes, as well as smoking, could cause the piece to discolour and may also cause irreparable damage.

As with all plastics, resin will naturally yellow over time. By keeping it out of direct sunlight/ any UV light (storing in dark box) and taking all of the above into consideration should minimise this process.

Every one of our pieces is handmade, this means that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same and no piece will look exactly the same as example pics. small microbubbles are to be expected. Great care is taken to sand polish and shine pieces but some minor marks and scratches may be visible.  If your resin jewellery becomes dull you can also buy specialist resin polishing materials. We would not recommend using anything not designed for resin.          

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