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What is  a Hallmark

It is important o us at The Silver Keepsake Company that you understand every part of the process involved in making our jewellery. whether it be keepsake jewellery, personalised wedding rings or memorial jewellery. This page is designed so that you can read about the hallmarking process and legalities so that you can be confident that we abide by them. Please note that cremation ash jewellery and lock of hair rings will be sent for hallmarking prior to your elements being added to ensure their safety.

It is very rare for precious metals such as silver and gold to be used for jewellery purposes in their pure form. Other alloys are added to them in order to improve their workability, durability and wearability. You can not tell by looking at a piece of jewellery how pure the gold or silver content of it is. Because of this within the UK it is a legal requirement that certain pieces of jewellery made from precious metals are hallmarked by a registered Assy office to verify the precious metal content.

Current guidelines for silver jewellery are that any piece that weighs over 7.78g can not be advertised or sold as sterling silver unless hallmarked. For Gold the same applies for any piece weighing over1g.

When you purchase from us any piece made from gold will automatically be hallmarked. For our silver items, we will routinely only hallmark if above the 7.78g weight. If however, you would like your piece hallmarked regardless of the weight please let us know but please bare in mind that there will be an additional cost and will add approx 1-2 weeks onto production/delivery time.

The Silver Keepsake Company has a Hallmark registered with the London assay office which is one of four assay offices within the UK.

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