cremation ash necklace with forget me not

cremation ashes necklace

This sterling silver heart necklace contains cremation ashes set into resin. The ash can be set into any colour resin and can be finished with the inclusion of a real forget me not flower. It makes the perfect piece of memorial jewellery and comes complete on an 18” sterling silver ball chain. It’s also possible to complement this piece with our cremation ash ring including forget me not flower. Once an order is placed we will send out a kit for you to send the ashes to us.Approx size of pendent 18mm
  • Cremation ashes jewellery

    When making our memorial jewellery we take great care with the elements that you send us. All cremation ashes are treated with respect and any that we don't use to make your piece will be sent back to you. Cremation ash colours vary greatly and so no two products will ever be exactly the same. We can make our pieces leaving just natural ash colour or we can add pigments to make pieces in a variety of colours.

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