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Valentine’s Day.. . Love in the workshop

What could be more romantic than a pair of handmade personalised wedding bands. I don’t think I will ever get over the feeling of complete pride and honour at making wedding rings for people. To know that they’ve trusted this special task to me is just wonderful. My wedding rings can be made in gold or silver and personalised with text, dates own handwriting and even own fingerprints. Nothing could be more personal than a wedding ring with your loved ones own fingerprint engraved on it for eternity. Apart from the personalisation side of it something I can offer my couples that you won’t get with a shop bought ring is an ongoing story of the production of the rings. Some people like to have the photographic journey of their rings being made and I’m more than happy to provide these. These are examples of a photos which detail the handmade journey of a beautiful pair of personalised gold wedding bands. I was even lucky enough for the bride to think of me and send me one of her official wedding photographs showing my rings. Talk about an eeeeek moment.

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