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The rising popularity of memorial jewellery

Is memorial jewellery a modern idea?

Absolutely not. Memorial jewellery is seen as far back as ancient Roman times (and maybe even earlier). Whether it be jewellery inscribed with names initials or date of death, jewellery made from hair, bone,Skin or even involving the use of blood from loved ones, memorial jewellery is definitely not a modern concept. Known as “mourning jewellery” at the time, memorial jewellery was hugely popular during the Renaissance and Victorian era. Rings and other jewellery items made using photos of loved ones who had passed or sections of their hair intricately woven into designs were extremely popular. Locks of hair were also frequently added into lockets as a cherished keepsake.

If you are are interested in the historic aspect of memorial jewellery I've found this article a very interesting read.

Many people viewed this era of memorial jewellery as morbid but there is no denying the comfort that memorial jewellery can bring and in recent years it has made a huge come back with plenty of big commercial companies getting involved as well as many handmade and home business makers.

Many different techniques are used to create modern memorial jewellery. Silver fingerprint jewellery is extremely popular. Glass or resin jewellery that encapsulates locks of hair/animal fur is another popular option (one of the most popular product types that I sell) as well as jewellery that allows you to enclose cremation ashes in either a way that they can be seen or discreetly hidden.

Is memorial jewellery for you?

Not everyone likes the idea of wearing jewellery that contains elements from a loved one that has passed away. But for every person that finds the idea morbid, I can guarantee there is at least one that finds the idea a huge comfort in their time of grief and after. One of the benefits of having your memorial jewellery made by a small handmade company like The silver keepsake company is that you get to discuss your piece with a real person before it is made. Pieces aren’t mass-produced and so a piece can be created to your specific requirements.

I have made discreet pieces containing the ashes of small babies born sleeping, or larger more elaborate pieces made with the handprints of loved ones. Each piece I make by hand and all elements are treated with the upmost respect. I pride myself on being compassionate and professional with my clients especially when I’m working on memorial pieces. Clients need to be able to trust me 100% to send their loved ones elements such as hair and ashes to me and I feel hugely privileged that so many people trust me in this way to make such a special piece of jewellery for them.

Here are a few examples of memorial jewellery pieces that I have made.

How do I find someone to make my memorial jewellery.

There are noW thousands of companies that specialise in memorial jewellery. Most specialise in timeless modern pieces that can be worn discreetly. There are many large scale commercial companies and also thousands of small handmade companies worldwide each with their particular style and ways of working.

The best advice that I can give if you are in search of a piece of memorial jewellery for yourself is to find a company that you feel that you can trust. You have to be prepared to hand over incredibly sentimental elements such as cremation ashes and so trust is hugely important. Also, find a company that takes the time to chat with you about your piece and work with you to create a piece that’s unique to you. Your piece of memorial jewellery is likely to become one of your most treasured possessions and it’s important to work with a company or person that recognises this and that doesn’t just see the money signs.

Each piece that I sell at the silver keepsake company is handmade by me. I take huge pride in both my customer service and the standard of my pieces.

If you’d like to have a nosey at some of my work have a look at my website

I’m always happy to answer any questions and to work with clients creating bespoke items. If I ever feel that I can’t create the right piece for a client I will happily recommend other artists that I trust.

I hope that you've found this an interesting read. I know and appreciate that memorial jewellery isn't everyone's cup of tea but I take a huge amount of pride knowing that the pieces I make bring some comfort to those that are experiencing the loss of a loved one. If you have any questions after reading this piece please feel free to comment or drop me a message either through my website ( or via my Facebook page

Thankyou for reading x x (here’s a 10% off code valid for the next 10 days. Blog10)

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