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Handmade with Love

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

So blogging ? the very mention of the term blogging fills me with fear. I must confess now that im really not good at finding my way around a computer and also can be quite socially uncomfortable so please bare with me. Its a miracle really that this website has ever materialised. BUT, what I like in technical knowledge understanding of SEO ( YIKES I HAVE ALOT TO LEARN) I certainly make up for in passion. I am passionate about making jewellery. I am self taught and never proclaim that my way is the right way but it is my way and it appears to work. I mainly specialise in memorial and keepsake jewellery including personalised wedding bands, jewellery made using loved ones fingerprints and memorial pieces that mean that by incorporating cremation ashes into my pieces I enable people to keep their lost loved ones close by at all times. My background as well as being a busy mum of 3 is as a paediatric A&E nurse and the care of people who have lost a loved one is always something that has been very important to me. I hope that not only the pieces I make but also the one to one attention and care that I pride myself on providing my customers will help them through a very difficult time.

So is this a blog ? I don't really know. Will this be a one of or will I blog regularly ? Again I don't know, but i really do like the idea of documenting the journey of this page from its very beginnings which are right now. So no pressure lets just see where things take us.

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